Hatch is a leading manufacturer of HID and Fluorescent ballasts with a catalog that spans all popular case styles and mounting configurations. Utilizing the highest quality circuitry to extend lamp life and maximize lamp efficiency, Hatch ballasts have been the industry standard for reliability for over three decades.

Electronic HID

Hatch Electronic HID Ballasts have been designed from the ground up to be the most reliable and flexible ballasts in the lighting industry. Available in a wide variety of case sizes and configurations, Hatch HID ballasts are recognized in the lighting industry for their proven dependability in countless applications.

MC20 Mini Square

MC39 Mini Square

MC70 Mini Square

MC70 Micro Slim


Hatch Compact and Linear Fluorescent Ballasts currently power millions of fixtures across the world and are widely known for their excellent build quality and reliability. Hatch currently offers fluorescent ballasts in most industry standard case sizes and configurations.




CFL Smart Kits

Fluorescent Sign

Hatch Fluorescent Sign Ballasts offer the same quality and dependability found in all Hatch fluorescent ballasts. Engineered with the latest electronic circuitry, these ballasts will fit the needs of the OEM sign builder as well as the lighting maintenance contractor. With starting temperatures down to -20F, the rugged design of these products ensure long years of trouble free service.





Magnetic HID

Hatch Magnetic HID ballasts provide unmatched quality and reliability for powering HID lamps. Available in most popular lamp types, wattages and voltages, these ballasts are designed to meet the needs of distributors, fixture manufacturers and lighting maintenance contractors. Hard to find & custom configurations are also available. To make installation easy, all ballasts are available in pre-wired kits.

GS400 HID Ballasts

GC750 HID Ballasts

GS1000 HID Ballasts

GM1500 HID Ballasts