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About I-LOC

I-LOC Programmable LED Drivers from Hatch Lighting are innovative LED Drivers that do not require any special equipment or training to program.

Say, “Good-bye” to computer programing or the RSET approach when working with Programmable LED drivers. Both are inefficient and costly! Instead, I-LOC Technology enables quick and easy programming of the driver output current with the simple click of a key.

First, select the appropriate I-LOC Key for the desired output current. Second, click the key into the driver. That’s it!

You may be asking, “How do I know which key to select?”  We provide a table like the one below so there is no math or guesswork involved. In addition, the keys are interchangeable across the I-LOC Programmable LED Driver product family and cover 50% to maximum output current.

I-LOC Programmable LED drivers feature both phase or 0-10V dimming capabilities. The 0-10V dimming versions have the capability of dimming to 1% of the adjusted output current.




The table reflects the XTC Phase Dimming models.  To see the I-LOC Key Designations for the XRC or XAC models, refer to the specification sheet for that model.

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