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February 10, 2016

Featuring Low Wattage Products

Some of our 100-240V Input Low Wattage products are in the process of discontinuation. We’re pleased to announce the following replacement products that feature Universal Input 120-277V, CE or ENEC & UL Recognized Approvals, as well as the same size or smaller form factors.

New & Ready to Ship

LCA004-UNV and LCB004-UNV will replace LCA004-UNI and LCB004-UNI.

LCA009-RL-UNV and LCB009-RL-UNV will replace LCA009-RL-UNI and LCB009-RL-UNI

LV004W-12-UNV will replace LV003W-12-UNI

February 10, 2016