Hatch GLS-GRS-GLT-GFS-VID Discontinuation

Hatch GLS-GRS-GLT-GFS-VID Discontinuation



To Our Valued Customers:

Hatch Lighting will be discontinuing the following product lines after January 15th, 2017:

GLS Series- Remote Transformers (MOQ: 100 Pieces)

GRS Series- Remote Transformers (MOQ: 100 Pieces)

GLT Series- Landscape Transformers (MOQ: 100 Pieces)

GFC Series- F-Can HPS/MH Ballasts (MOQ: 100 Pieces)

VID Series- Voltage Indicator Devices (MOQ: 3,000 Pieces)

After this date, no more product will be manufactured and existing stock will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Prior to January 15th, 2017 customers will have the option of placing a final order for any SKUs within these product families. Qualifying orders must meet minimum order quantity requirements noted above and orders for over the MOQ must be in 100 piece increments. Please contact your Hatch Sales Representative or Agent to inquire about placing a final order.


Garrett Hatch

Director of Business Development