Product Catalog
Hatch Lighting has been a pioneer in lighting power supply technology for over 34 years.  We have the products you need to effectively manage your unique lighting system.

LED Drivers
Drawing on thirty years of engineering knowledge we have created an exceptional catalog of LED drivers.  We offer numerous case styles and electrical configurations.  Therefore, Hatch has one of the most comprehensive LED driver offerings in the lighting industry.AC LEDConstant CurrentConstant VoltageEmergencyLED Step DownProgrammable

Hatch is a leading manufacturer of HID and Fluorescent ballasts. Thereby, our catalog spans most popular case styles and mounting configurations. We utilize the highest quality circuitry to extend lamp life and maximize lamp efficiency. Which is why Hatch ballasts have been the industry standard for reliability for over three decades.Electronic HIDFluorescentFluorescent SignMagnetic HID

Hatch first found success in the lighting industry by pioneering the design and manufacturing of electronic transformers.Hatch products have been the industry standard since 1985 and continue to lead in quality, dimming performance and reliability.AutoElectronicLandscapeMagnetic

Surge Protectors
Modern fixtures are an expensive investment, which require additional protection from surge for sensitive electronic components. Hatch now offers high quality, affordable Surge Protectors that defend fixtures from surges at a fraction of the cost of replacing the fixture.Surge Protector

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