Hatch Lighting Reveals New Surge Protectors

LSP4 and LSP2 surge protector in a green frame with HATCH in upper left corner.

Hatch Lighting Reveals New Surge Protectors


Hatch Lighting Reveals New Surge Protectors

TAMPA, Fla. – November 15, 2016

Hatch Lighting has revealed its latest surge protector technology. The new Hatch LSP4-UNV (120-277V) and LSP4-480 (347-480V) are designed to protect L/G, L/N and N/G with an additional level of protection on L/N against surges and power line disturbances. The LSP4 has 10kV protection for luminaires in a small and convenient form factor.

Hatch also announced the LSP2-UNV (120-277V) surge protector designed to protect L/N against surges and power line disturbances. The LSP2 is a cost effective option with two levels of protection on L/N in an even smaller form factor.

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