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Surge Protectors for LED Fixtures

LED fixtures are an expensive investment, which require additional protection from surge for sensitive electronic components. Hatch now offers high quality, affordable Surge Protectors that defend fixtures from surges at a fraction of the cost of replacing the fixture.

LSP-10 with Snap Lock

The LSP10-SM is designed to be used in conjunction with LED Drivers and fixtures to provide an additional level ofprotection against powerline disturbances in industrial,commercial and residential applications where surgeprotection to IEEE C62.41.2 is required. The LSP10-SM also protects Electronic Fluorescent & HID ballasts as well as all other electronic products. This product provides single phase protection for line/neutral, line/ground and neutral/ground and is a Type 4CA SPD for field or factory installation.

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LSP 3 with optional indicator light

Hatch Lighting’s LSP3 series of surge suppressors are UL-recognized Type 4CA surge suppressor devices. These surge suppressors come in two surge pulse current ratings. The LSP3-10 devices are capable of a maximum single discharge current pulse of 10,000 amps. The LSP3-20 devices are capable of a maximum single discharge current pulse of 20,000 amps. Each device can be ordered with an end-of-life indicator LED, which is illuminated when protection is still provided. 

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The new Hatch LSP4-UNV (120-277V) and LSP4-480 (347-480V) are designed to protect L/G, L/N and N/G with an additional level of protection on L/N against surges and power line disturbances. The LSP4 has 10kV protection for luminaires in a small and convenient form factor.

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