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Modern fixtures are an expensive investment, which require additional protection from surge for sensitive electronic components. Hatch now offers high quality, affordable Surge Protectors that defend fixtures from surges at a fraction of the cost of replacing the fixture.

  LSP 3- 10 & LSP 3-20
with optional indicator light

Hatch LED Surge Protectors are designed to be used as front-line protection for LED fixtures to provide an additional level of protection against power line disturbances in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Surge protectors are low cost insurance for your expensive, long term LED investment.

Hatch Surge Protectors are available in protection levels of 10kA, 20kA, and UL certification ratings Type 4CA SPD and Type 5 SPD, IEE C62.41 category C high and low exposure levels.

With a single-screw mounting feature and flat, slim profile, our surge suppressors are easily integrated into LED, HID and Fluorescent fixtures.