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Are there any recommended testing procedures for Hatch LED Emergency Drivers?

Press the test button to cut the power to the AC driver and switch the system to Emergency Mode. Release the test button to return to Normal Mode. Switch off the circuit breaker to simulate a full power outage. For Initial Testing, allow the unit to charge approximately one hour, and then conduct a short discharge test. Allow 24 hour change before conducting a one hour test.

NFPA 101, Life Safety Code outlines the following testing schedule:

Monthly- Insure that the test button light is illuminated. Conduct a 30 second discharge test by depressing the test button. The LED Load should operate at reduced output.

Annually- Insure that the test button is illuminated. Conduct a full 90 minute discharge test. The unit should operate as intended for the duration of the test.

“Written records of the testing shall be kept by the owner for inspection by the authority having jurisdiction.”