History of Hatch

Pioneering Power Since 1985

At Hatch, our customers have trusted us for more than three decades to provide the top-notch products and personal service that only an independent manufacturer can provide. Hatch has stayed true to its roots for 35 years and is the premier independent, full-line power supply manufacturer in the industry. Whether you need transformers, HID ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, or LED drivers, Hatch has you covered.

Pioneering Ballast Technology

Hatch Transformers was started in 1985 with the goal of developing electronic compact fluorescent ballast and electronic low voltage transformers for the lighting industry. Original circuitry for both product lines was developed in the Hatch offices in Tampa and manufactured locally as well. 

At that time, all CFL lamps were operated with magnetic ballasts. Electronic ballasts were just starting to be designed and implemented. In 1985, only two companies made electronic transformers for the burgeoning low-voltage halogen market. Hatch pioneered the design and development of an entire line of competing E-CFL ballasts, some of which remain in production today and are still in demand due to their unique case sizes and shapes. Through the 1990s, Hatch continued to develop its product lines and grew into a respected and recognized manufacturer in the lighting industry.

Developing the Electronic HID Ballast

As the 1990s drew to a close, Hatch began a development program to identify opportunities in advanced lighting technologies that were just beginning to catch the full attention of the lighting industry. In 1999, Hatch embarked on a new program to develop Electronic HID ballasts, which displayed huge growth potential in the market. Today, E-HID represents a substantial portion of the Hatch business. Hatch now has one of the most comprehensive and technically advanced lines of E-HID ballasts in the industry. Numerous U.S. and international patents protect the unique circuitry and technology that makes the Hatch E-HID products the industry standard for quality and reliability.

LED Driver Development

Not content to rest on its laurels, Hatch recently unveiled a full line of LED drivers to service the rapidly expanding LED marketplace. Now offering over 60 models, Hatch continues to add higher wattage models growing past 100 watts along with features like universal input. As standards evolve, Hatch aims to give its LED customers huge flexibility to craft fixtures that are both elegant in design and reliable in functionality.

Recent Expansion and Growth

As Hatch has continued to expand its presence in the lighting market, the company outgrew its headquarters which housed the business since 1995. Completed in March of 2009, the new global headquarters of Hatch is over triple the size of the previous facility. One of the highlights of the facility is a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory where a large portion of product development and testing is now performed.

Hatch also owns and operates a development laboratory in the United Kingdom which works seamlessly with the R & D team in Tampa. All Hatch computer infrastructure was upgraded in 2009 including entirely new software and hardware systems capable of handling growth in excess of the long-range plans. Having been 100% internally funded, all this development aligned with the company’s goal of remaining independent and continually striving to provide products and customer service that are ahead of the industry curve.

With two extremely large new programs under development, Hatch’s customers and prospective customers will be kept on the leading edge of the electronic power supply segment of the lighting industry for years to come. As the ONLY power supply company to have complete lines in Halogen, Fluorescent, HID and LED, Hatch gives customers a trusted brand with true one-stop shopping for all their electronic power supply requirements.