LED Drivers

The flexibility you want. The precision you need.

At Hatch we aim to provide our LED customers huge flexibility to craft fixtures that are both elegant in design and reliable in functionality. Explore our extensive catalog of hundreds of Constant Voltage, Constant Current and AC LED drivers to find just the right part for your application.


Constant Current LED Drivers

Our Constant Current LED Drivers are available in a variety of industry-standard form factors and are engineered with wide forward voltage ranges to accommodate most popular LED loads.

Foundation Series LED Drivers are a new family of programmable, UL Listed Class-P LED Drivers designed for high performance lighting systems in the North American marketplace.

L-Series Constant Current LED Drivers offer a variety of wattages (from 4W to 200W), case sizes/dimensions and output currents.

I-LOC Key Programmable Constant Current LED Drivers provide the flexibility to select the output current using an easy, insertable key. A single I-LOC Driver has 21 different key setting and covers 50% power up to maximum output.

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Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Our Constant Voltage LED Drivers are available in a variety of industry standard form factors and are designed to meet stringent specifications for efficiency and quality.

L-Series Constant Voltage LED Drivers offer a variety of wattages (from 4W to 192W), case sizes/dimensions and output voltage options.

V-LOC Key Programmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers provide the flexibility to select the output voltage (12V*, 24V, 36V & 48V) using simple, insertable keys. Available in 40W, 60W & 96W* models. (*96W does not support 12 VDC.)

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AC LED Drivers

Our AC LED Drivers are designed primarily for use with LED MR16 lamps. The RS-LED Series AC LED drivers have been optimized to work with a wide range of LED MR16 loads and are recommended by top lamp manufacturers. Unique features of the RS-LED drivers include no minimum load requirement and flicker-free dimming down to 0%.

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