Since 1985, Hatch Lighting has specialized in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient electronic power supplies for lighting applications. Today, our full range of LED Drivers, Emergency Lighting Products, Surge Protection Devices, Ballasts and Transformers serve as the foundation for amazing lighting designs all over the world.


Key Programmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers

  • Smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1%
  • 0-10V and TOUCH Dimming on all models
  • Key Programmable Voltage Output from 12V to 48V
  • Architectural Grade Reliability
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Hatch aims to give its LED customers huge flexibility to craft fixtures that are both elegant in design and reliable in functionality.

The Hatch constant power series of LED Emergency Drivers allow an LED lighting fixture to be used for normal and emergency operation and will operate the fixture for a minimum of 90 minutes during a power failure.

Protect your LED fixture investment with our high quality Surge Protection Devices. With easy installation and flat form factor options, we offer the protection you need.

Hatch is a leading manufacturer of HID and Fluorescent Ballasts with an extensive catalog of popular case styles and mounting configurations.  We utilize innovative power control to extend lamp life and maximize lamp efficiency.

We first found success in the lighting industry by pioneering the design and manufacture of Electronic Transformers. Today, we offer a full line of Electronic and Magnetic Transformers for various lighting applications that feature industry leading reliability and dimming performance.


For more than three decades, Hatch Lighting has set the standard for electronic power supply engineering and customer support. Our customer service is unparalleled, and the reliability of our products helps your projects and programs outlast and outperform your competitors.

36 years of Experience

Our customers have only to look at our three-plus decades of premier customer service and innovative engineering to recognize our legacy of excellence in the lighting industry.


Our products are available from hundreds of agents and distributors throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico.


Hatch enables your projects, programs and products to outperform and outlast your competition.


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