why choose hatch?

With 36 years of experience in the lighting industry, Hatch has built a reputation for delivering technologically advanced, high quality products to the lighting industry. 

We can often have your order in your hands the next day. We have a wide range of shipping options and a dependable customer support team who will take your call and process your order.

Innovative Technology

Hatch is committed to creating innovative, new technology for the rapidly evolving lighting industry.


With nearly four decades of sales history, Hatch has earned a reputation for manufacturing  high quality, reliable products.


Hatch engineers put our products through intensive, on-site testing under all conceivable conditions ensure that they will function reliably no matter where they are installed.

Wide Availability

Hatch maintains a substantial investment in inventory to ensure products are stocked and readily available globally.

Quick Turn Around

You can often have your order in-hand the next day with a wide range of shipping options.

Customer Support

Our dependable customer support team is here to assist you.