About Us

At Hatch Lighting, our vision is to create a brighter and more energy-efficient world through the development of unique and compelling lighting technology.


Since 1985, Hatch Lighting has specialized in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic power supplies for lighting applications. After almost four decades in business and two generations of leadership, our mission has remained the same: to design innovative lighting technologies that excite engineers and enable them to create amazing, energy-efficient lighting products. Today, we offer a full range of LED Drivers, Emergency Lighting Products, Surge Protection Devices, Ballasts and Transformers to meet the needs of the ever-evolving lighting industry.


Since our inception, Hatch power supplies have earned a reputation for reliability and high quality – making it possible for you to design light fixtures that outlast and outperform the competition. And when you have an issue or a question, our world-class customer support team is there to help. We pride ourselves most on the relationships we build with our customers every day.  Hatch Lighting is a family business first and we strive to treat our customers like family.

Our Promise

Innovative Technology

Our company was founded in 1985 on the premise of innovation. To this day we remain passionate about creating innovative technology that meets the current and future needs of the lighting industry.


We have been in business for four decades – a privilege we have earned by cultivating a reputation for manufacturing reliable products.


Our engineers put our products through intensive, on-site testing to ensure they will function reliably no matter where they are installed.


We maintain a substantial investment in inventory to ensure you can get the right product when you need it.

Quick Turnaround

If our products are in stock, you can often have your order in-hand the next business day with a wide range of shipping options.

Customer Support

Over four decades we’ve been asked a lot of questions. Our knowledgeable customer support team is ready for yours.