Michael Hatch

CEO and Founder

With a formal background in electronics and business, Michael Hatch took a keen interest in developing electronic ballast technology in the early 1980’s, just as the industry began to see the advantages of these burgeoning technologies. Michael Hatch founded Hatch Transformers Inc. in 1985 with the goal of developing electronic compact fluorescent ballasts and electronic low voltage transformers for the lighting industry. Through his guidance and leadership, Michael has grown the company into one of the most respected power supply manufacturers in the industry, all the while maintaining the sensibilities of a responsive and personable small business. After a quarter century in business, Michael continues to serve as the leader and visionary of the Hatch brand, setting the core direction for the company.

Daniel I. Garcia

Executive Vice President/CFO

Mr. Garcia received his BSBA in accounting from the University of Florida and has been an active Certified Public Accountant in the state of Florida since 1978. With over 35 years of financial management experience in the distribution, retail and development industries, Dan has spent the last 20 years with Hatch as its primary financial and administrative officer. Since taking over the accounting and financial operations of Hatch, Dan has diligently managed the growth of company. When it comes to dedication and reliability he has no equal, and his continued efforts have played a large role in molding Hatch into the respected company that it is today. His responsibilities include managing all facets of finance, accounting, purchasing and administrative functions. Dan is married with two grown daughters and remains a fanatical supporter of the Gator Nation.