Emergency Lighting Products

Energy Efficient One + Two-Piece LED Emergency Drivers

Hatch LED Emergency Drivers feature a Constant Power design architecture, are UL Listed for Factory or Field installation and allow a LED lighting fixture to be used in normal and emergency operation modes. All models will operate an existing fixture for a minimum of 90 minutes during a power failure and include a test switch and charge indicator. Additionally, Hatch offers LED Modules designed to be paired with our Emergency Drivers and provide an alternate emergency light source for non-LED fixtures or LED retrofit applications.


One-Piece LED Emergency Drivers

The Hatch ELP-2060 series of LED Emergency Drivers feature constant power emergency backup in a one-piece construction by integrating the LED Driver and battery in the same enclosure. UL Listed for field or factory installation plus the attached flex conduit make for quick and convenient integration. In the event of a power failure, the LED Driver automatically switches to emergency mode and delivers constant power to the fixture for a minimum of 90 minutes.

In addition, “-SD” models feature advanced diagnostic capabilities for easy and flexible system testing. All drivers in the ELP-2060 series are CEC Title 20 compliant and use long-life LiFePO4 battery technology.

Two-Piece LED Emergency Drivers

The ELP two-piece constant power series of LED Emergency Drivers is available in 5 wattages. The kit consists of a driver and a separate battery module which are connected using a simple polarized plug. By separating the battery, maximum mounting flexibility is achieved. For small luminaires, the driver can be installed inside the luminaire or inside a protective housing. Since the battery is a low voltage class 2 connection it can be installed on or adjacent to the fixture with no special protections.

Optional LED Modules

Hatch LED modules provide a matched LED light source for Hatch Emergency Drivers. They are available in 3 different versions to cover the entire family of Hatch Emergency Drivers and are tuned to provide 130 lumens/watt of light for emergency egress illumination. When paired with Hatch Emergency Drivers they are the perfect light source for Retrofit and other non-LED applications.