Powering MR16, AR111 and other Popular AC LED Lamps

Our AC LED Drivers are designed primarily for use with LED MR16 lamps. The RL-LED Series AC LED drivers have been optimized to work with a wide range of LED MR16 loads and are recommended by top lamp manufacturers. Unique features of the RL-LED drivers include small form factors and flicker-free dimming down to 0%.

RL-LED Drivers

RL-LED drivers are the latest generation of our AC LED product line and feature improved dimming quality and support for a high number of lamps per circuit. RL-LED drivers are suitable for new designs and installations.

RS-LED Drivers

RS-LED drivers are the first generation of Hatch AC LED products and have amassed a large installed base. RS-LED drivers are recommended for replacement only and should not be specified in new installations.