AC LED drivers from Hatch have been modernized to adapt to the ever changing technology in MR16 LED lamps. The RS LED have a large installed base and are the leading choice for OEMS using MR16 LED lamps in their fixtures. Our NEXT GENERATION RL LED drivers allow fixture manufacturers even more flexibility, better dimming and support a high number of lamps on a single circuit.

Please Note:  Status subject to change without notice.  Check with your salesperson for availability.



AC LED Drivers are designed primarily for use with LED MR16 lamps. Hatch’s new RL AC LED drivers have been thoroughly tested to perform with a wide variety of lamps, has superior dimming capability and supports a high number of lamps per circuit*. The RL-LED Drivers are offered in 15W, 30W and 60W models in both side and bottom feed configurations.

*Because of the high number of variables, Hatch does not guarantee the performance of any specific wiring configurations and recommends that its customers conduct thorough testing to determine suitability and performance for their applications.