NFPA70 2020 Update – Driver Control Line Color

The purpose of this bulletin is to inform users of a change to Hatch 0-10V dimming control line -DIM wire color.


Per NFPA70 2020 (National Electric Code), section 410.69, the wire insulation color gray shall be reserved for grounded branch circuit conductors in the luminaire.


Prior to this change the customary color for LED driver -DIM control line has been gray. As a result of the new requirement, NEMA has published Bulletin No. 119, dated April 16, 2020, recommending the color pink for the -DIM dimming control line:


In conjunction with this, NEMA has published a draft of NEMA 100 Wire Insulation Colors for Lighting Systems that defines the acceptable Pantone color levels for -DIM pink control line insulation.


The effective date of the new requirement is January 2022. As a result, Hatch will be implementing the change to wires from gray to pink in new production starting in August 2021. In addition, all Hatch documentation referencing 0-10V dimming control line insulation color will be updated to reflect the new requirement.