Remote Mounting of Hatch Electronic HID Ballasts

Subject: Remote Mounting and Installation Requirements for Electronic HID Ballasts

To achieve optimal performance with Hatch Transformers Electronic HID Ballasts, remote installation guidelines listed must be followed. Failure to follow the guidelines listed below can result in unacceptable lamp performance and loss of warranty coverage for remote installations.

Installation Guidelines:

1) The mains supply to the ballast should be run separately from the lamp leads, and cables from other electrical systems should not run in the same conduit as, or in close proximity to, the lamp leads.
2) Do not add additional lamp leads from other ballasts to the same conduit
3) Use metal conduit that is a minimum of ½ inch or 20 mm in diameter
4) Maximum recommended remote mounting distance is 25 feet from the ballast to the socket.
– For all Pico & Pico 2 Slim models, maximum recommended remote mounting distance is 10 feet.
5) The following wire types are approved for use as lead wire extensions:
– UL 3321/AWM
– UL 3071/ SEW-2 or SF-2

Use of any other mounting method or wire type could create safety hazards, cause erratic performance, and/or cause permanent damage to ballast components. This can lead to premature field failures and void the ballast warranty. Please contact Hatch for approval of other wire types and with any other question regarding the remote mounting of Hatch Electronic HID Ballasts.