Technical Articles

The Competitive Advantages of Cloud-Based LED Driver Programming

Cloud-based LED driver programming applications are enabling a new range of possibilities in the lighting industry. They’re bringing speed and convenience to the production line and agile, on-the-spot troubleshooting to the installation site. Download our free infographic to find out how cloud-based applications let you program drivers anywhere – from an engineer’s desk to a field technician’s tablet.

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An ultra-compact Smart Device Power Supply for powering your lighting controls

Smart lighting controls typically require a different power output than that provided by an LED driver, which means multiple power supplies need to be present within a single lighting fixture. This infographic explains how you can use Smart Device Power Supplies from Hatch Lighting to design and install LED fixtures more easily, especially if you use LED drivers with unique shapes or high-density, compact form factors.

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A Guide to Declare Standards and How They Relate to Fixtures and Drivers

The Declare program promotes transparent, responsible material sourcing by encouraging manufacturers to self-report the chemical composition of their products on easy-to-read labels. Labeling your fixtures adds your product to the ILFI’s database and helps customers looking to meet new green building standards. Learn about the Declare program and how Hatch products can be used as an approved component in a Declare-certified lighting fixture.

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