36 Years of Quality and Innovation

We first found success in the lighting industry by pioneering the design and manufacturing of electronic transformers. Our products have been the industry standard since 1985 and continue to lead in quality, dimming performance and reliability.

Magnetic Transformers

When electronic transformers are not an option, Hatch offers a range of magnetic transformers to meet the needs of the lighting industry. Two types are available: converting 120VAC or 277VAC to 11.5VAC for powering halogen lamps and Autotransformers that convert 347VAC or 277VAC to 120VAC for those difficult installations. For decades Hatch magnetics are well known for excellent build quality and reliability.

Electronic Transformers

Hatch has been pioneering electronic transformers for years. Hatch has the products for customers who need electronic transformers specifically designed for MR16 and MR111 halogen lamps. Available in 75W versions with choices in wire feed and input voltage, you can trust Hatch to continue to provide the right products for halogen applications.