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Hatch first found success in the lighting industry by pioneering the design and manufacturing of electronic transformers.  Hatch products have been the industry standard since 1985 and continue to lead in quality, dimming performance and reliability.


Auto Transformers have been designed to solve a common field installation issue where the line voltage does not match the desired input current for the selected power supply. Using Hatch Auto Transformers, you can efficiently convert 347V or 277V line voltage to 120V.

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Electronic Transformers were among the first products ever offered by Hatch to the lighting industry. They have since proven to be the most reliable electronic transformers available in the marketplace. Hatch transformers have been engineered and perfected over three decades to provide industry leading performance and reliability when powering halogen lamps.

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Hatch Landscape Transformers have been designed from the ground up to provide unmatched performance for all outdoor lighting applications. These transformers can be sized for any application and can have up to four 300 Watt circuits each with it’s own circuit breaker. All Landscape Transformers are fully ETL approved to UL 1838 specifications and are suitable for all NEMA 3R applications.

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When electronic transformers are not an option, Hatch offers a range of magnetic transformers to meet the needs of the lighting industry. Available in the most popular wattages and output voltages, Hatch magnetics are well known for excellent build quality and reliability.

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