Hatch Lighting’s Emergency Driver line offers a variety of features which gives the line tremendous flexibility. The ELP 05-UNV-K and ELP 12-UNV-K come in 2 separate pieces, the driver, and a 90+ min Ni-Cad Battery for installation flexibility. Both can be used with switched or un-switched fixtures and can be used with Emergency only fixtures or external constant current or constant voltage LED drivers. The ELP 05-UNV-K-DP and ELP 12-UNV-K-DP come with an LED Module in addition to the driver and Ni-Cad Battery which means that these can also be used in LED Fixtures with Internal Drivers such as LED Tubes, fluorescent fixtures and more. The ELP 07,10, and 14-2060-UNV models have an internal LiFePO4 battery and are California Energy Commission’s Title 20 requirements. All of the Emergency Drivers in the Hatch line include a test switch with integrated charge indicator and are UL Listed for field or factory installation with fixtures that meet the requirements in the installation guide.